About Us

We’re Natalia and Taddeo, a Philadelphia couple with a passion for cocktails.

There is a good chance if you are reading this that you share this passion or perhaps you want to start experimenting with your home bar.
We created this page because we want to inspire others (like you) to delve into the art of making cocktails. It can often seem daunting (I know it did for us) to dive into something you don’t really have experience with… or much knowledge about. But that’s the fun part!

If it’s one thing we’ve learned is that with the right tools, proper ingredients and a little inspiration, the possibilities are endless! In our case, what started as a Friday night gin & tonic ritual eventually turned into ‘’The Green Hour”!

So take a look around, try out some recipes, and keep an eye on our blog for content that will help you become a better bartender!


– N & T