As well as serving as the moniker for our site, the term “Green Hour” first found its roots in the bohemian underbelly of late nineteenth century France. The time was La Belle Epoque and the drink of the day was absinthe. Crowds of chicly degenerate painters, writers, poets, and bon vivants from all walks of life flooded into fashionable cafés between 5pm and 7pm.[1] Eventually this time of day became known as “l’heure verte,” or “the Green Hour” as a green haze descended on French cities.

Coincidentally, this same time frame is referred to as “Happy Hour” today in America. While these days we aren’t hanging out with the Green Fairy, we do relish the concept of enjoying a tall, cool drink in a café, soaking in the sun, and letting all of our worries just slip away.







[1] Let’s Bring Back: The Cocktail Edition by Lesley M.M. Blume